Some people don’t really like our name – it is a bit too much like we’re giving an order.  Others are happy to have confirmed what they know is true.

We were in Jerusalem, in early February on a very sunny day – if you come from Berlin, like we do, you would almost say it was hot.  We were on holiday, staying in a small hotel in the heart of the historic town.  One day, we went out to find the real Jerusalem, the part where people like us live.  We stumbled through the crowded streets of the old centre and found our way out of the Jaffa gate.  It was already after noon and we walked on down Jaffa Road, where there is a concrete piano which anybody can play.  If you are brave enough, you can play it, and it sounds almost like a real piano. 

We carried on down this road to Jafo Centre.  It’s much wider than the narrow streets in the old town, but it was still crowded at that time, and the tram regularly had to ring its bell to get people to move out of the way.  It was then, jostled, hot and a little exhausted that we saw a sign saying “U need coffee” and instantly we knew they were right.

So that’s where we got our inspiration – we needed coffee and you need security.  If you ever go there, greet them, take a picture and send it to us.  We’ll publish it here.