What is threat management?

Hardening & monitoring

We strengthen your systems to prepare for the unexpected. We use state of the art benchmarks, tools and techniques to warn you before attackers can cause damage to your business.


Once the attacker has been stopped, the backdoors he created are closed. Compromised user accounts and systems must be reinitialized and brought back into operation

Continous improvement

Finally, the chosen processes and security controls are adapted to the specific threats that the organisation and/or business faces.

Service offering

We protect and support our customers on their premises, on AWS and in their Azure cloud

Threat management shouldn’t stop at network boundaries. Many organisations use AWS and MS Azure to run parts of their services and these also need to be covered. We ..

  • audit network devices
  • manage cloud native controls
  • configure cloud log-management
  • establish retention policies
  • create remediation playbooks
  • create auditable policies

63 %

Alerts investigated

Percentage of the total number of alerts investigated (US average)

45 %


Percentage of those real incidents that are remediated

25 %

real incidents

Percentage of those investigated alerts that are actual incidents

8 of 26


Of every 100 alerts, there are 26 real incidents, only 8 of which are fixed.


Plans & pricing



Just do it yourself

  • based on Logstash, Loki, Grafana
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .

10.000 /mth

Up to 5GB log volume per day

  • Customer Dashboard
  • 2 days setup
  • Push notifications
  • Customizable reports
  • Log-in via 2F authentication

1000 /day

We look after your IT components

  • Systems integration
  • Custom reporting
  • Custom incident response
  • Conceptual work
  • Auditing
Located worldwide

Think globally, deploy locally (European)



Our key differentiators

Geographic footprint

We promote European solutions wherever possible and help customers to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Directive.

Small & medium sized enterprises

We establish a high degree of automation, allowing first class solutions for small companies without heavy investment in security software.

The minimum paperwork necessary

We respect the readers of our concepts and don’t hide relevant information in reams of management talk.

Show, don't tell.

We verify all of the solutions that we use, so that we know everything will work when it is installed.

Open source & commercial tools

As we focus on threat management, we use both open source and commercial solutions at the same time. We don’t try to convince our customers to choose between them.

No long term contracts necessary

Threat management needs to get off the ground quickly, but solutions must also be easy to adapt to the actual threats.


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